Utilizing Stoicism

The biggest battle we’ll ever have to overcome is the battle in our minds. We face internal strife on a daily basis. Some days are harder than others. Some days we don’t feel like putting in the work. This mental war can be fought with stoicism; a way to think clearly and take action the right way in any situation. 

Gratitude. By stepping into gratitude, the world falls before our knees. Things we thought mattered most don’t matter at all. It’s when we realize how beautiful our life is even if we have less compared to others. The fact that we exist and get to live a life full of experiences is already amazing enough.

Perspective. Whether we’re fighting ourselves or other people, understanding different perspectives can lead us to better solutions. Rather than an emotional reaction, we can create a relaxed response. Every situation we face can be cured by perspective and compassion. It’s not always easy, but keeping peace during chaos can greatly change our lives.

Temperament. With gratitude and a newfound perspective, we can change our actions. Our behavior is often subconscious, but learning how to consciously control what we do is a step in the right direction. Using a stoic philosophy can create a calm temperament rather than the chaotic arguments we might usually have. Peace, stillness, and clarity become our best friends.

There is more to stoic philosophy, but this is a start. A beautiful philosophy from leaders of human history. Emperors, presidents, and innovators alike have used this philosophy to navigate the world in a much more profound and blissful way.

“Waste no more time arguing what a good man should be. Be One.” -Marcus Aurelius 


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