Uncertainty is one of those things we fear. It’s unchartered territory. It’s when we face the unknown and don’t know what’s coming next. Stress, anxiety, and fear sets in and this can be hard to deal with. Despite all this, uncertainty can help us see where we are and how to move forward.

Reflect. We first need to analyze our situation. What are the uncertain factors? We need to stay objective and figure out which direction to head in. Whether it’s an investment we’re looking at or which school to go to, we need to get a firm grip on all sides of the dilemma.

Focus on what you can control. Many things are not in our control, so we shouldn’t focus on those variables. We should only focus on what we have influence over. If our actions can directly change an outcome, that’s where our attention goes. This allows us to have pressure on areas where we can make a difference. So many times we have uncertainty over areas we’re not in control of and it’s a waste of our precious time.

Keep moving forward. After reflection and focusing on what we control, it’s time to move forward. Whether that’s take action that creates change or forget what we can’t change about the situation and keep moving forward. Uncertainty can make us more aware of where we are and can have many benefits, but it can also worry us to the ground. It’s important to find harmony between the two and use the anxiousness as a tool for success.

We all get hit by the unknown. It’s what we as humans fear the most. When we only focus on what we control, nothing else matters. We make the best decision we can make and keep going forward. Mistakes will happen and things will no doubt go wrong, but we can always adapt and keep figuring things out.

“Maturity, one discovers, has everything to do with the acceptance of ‘not knowing.” -Mark Z. Danielewski


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