Trust is bound to everyone. When we take an Uber, we expect dependability and reliability. When we order food at a restaurant, you expect the dish will come out on time and as expected. Every day we rely on the trust of others. It’s hidden in detail, but without trust, our world wouldn’t operate the way it does. The only way to improve what we do is to build stronger trust with the people around us.

Communicate effectively. Whether it’s personal or business, we have to communicate effectively, so nothing is lost to interpretation. Often times, miscommunication leads to distrust and misinformation. If we spent more time and effort thoroughly expressing our thoughts to one another, we’d have stronger bonds.

Align your words with your actions. Many of us say we’ll do something and then back out or change our mind. For us to maintain trust with others, we need to align what we say with what we do. This reliability should be standard, but is often disregarded. We expect the hotel to have our room ready when we arrive or for our tickets to work when we go to an NBA game. If we apply the same concept to our personal lives, we can immediately build up trust.

Nourish relationships over time. Trust takes time to build. It’s not easy and there’s no quick fix. Trust is fragile and once it’s broken, it may never be the same. We must do our best to treat every person with the respect they deserve if we’re trying to build a bond with them — personal or business.

Trust isn’t something we should take for granted. We should nourish it and build on top of it, making sure we keep the standard alive. We should always remember that relationships rule the world and trust is part of that equation.

“Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.” -Unknown

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