Think For Yourself

In today’s world, people spew their opinions left and right. We turn on the news channel and hear people in suits giving their opinions like facts, we hear our coworkers confidently telling us what’s right and wrong, and we find ourselves conflicted with what to believe. This is where we get to use our analysis, reasoning, and judgement skills to determine how we should properly think.

Awareness. We need to be conscious of our biases and other people’s biases. These biases greatly impact what people say and believe, which can be damaging. It’s ok to take in information from different perspectives, but being aware of why someone is saying something can help us think about the root.

Become well-informed. When we understand the facts, listen to different perspectives, and analyze & reflect all of the ideas on the table, we can properly inform ourselves. We shouldn’t believe everything someone says. We should be skeptical, curious, and always seek the truth with the right critical thinking.

Be flexible, but don’t sway. We can change our opinions and beliefs over time. We may find we were wrong on something or have a new and improved view, but we shouldn’t sway with the wind when a majority of people believe a certain way. There will be times when our beliefs are in the minority, but our logic and reasoning should matter most, not what’s considered the norm.

It can be tough developing proper thought when people push a certain agenda or a majority group pushes their ideals. It’s important to stay close to the truth, always be willing to change our ideas and opinions if new data comes out, and be aware of current biases and the reason behind people’s thoughts and behaviors.

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.-Oscar Wilde


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