The Content We Consume

On a daily basis, we watch, listen, and read different pieces of content. From TV shows to clickbait articles, we're always consuming. Most of the time, we're consuming subconsciously, not paying attention to how our content affects us. The content we consume shapes who we are -- our thoughts, ideas, and beliefs all form from what we feed our minds. If we want to get the most out of our content, we need to be intentional and consume what matters.

Unfollow distracting content. Content that creates negativity and content that distracts us should all be let go. Our goal is to make the most of our precious time. It's the only asset we can't buy more of. By removing the unproductive content from our daily lives, we can immediately see free time add up. Our world becomes a lot clearer when we're not in the haze of reality TV and clickbait articles. With that being said, it's perfectly fine to have our entertainment and leisure time, but most of us can do better with the time we have.  

Find the right content. Searching for the proper content to consume is an intentional act. We're aware of what we want and we're actively trying to find the books, shows, and podcasts that fuel our growth. A question we can ask ourselves is, "will this help develop myself into the person I want to be?" We live in a beautiful time where we have access to an insane amount of resources. The only catch is that it's our responsibility to find the content that matters.

Create the habit. Once we've added the right content, we need to change our consumption habits. Like all habits, they're hard to change, but we can make progress with little steps. Every time we step in the car, we can tune into that podcast we found earlier. Every time we do the dishes or laundry, we can throw on that audiobook we downloaded a few days ago. Once we've built the habits, our daily lives transform into days of learning and growth. 

What we consume has a powerful impact on our lives. If we all made a gradual change to feed our mind with positive content, we can enrich our lives and the lives of people around us. 

"Stand guard at the door of your mind." -Jim Rohn


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