The Big Three

When we maintain our health, focus on our "why", and connect with those around us, we embrace the true meaning of living. Rather than feeling a void, like something's missing, we're able to feel fulfilled and driven by the major components around us.

Health. Our health is what many of us take for granted. Before we can go out and achieve greatness, we need to have control over our mental & physical well-being. From dealing with stress & emotions to stay in peak physical condition, health creates longevity, so we can focus on our goals and conquer the world. 

Purpose. To truly fill the void we may have, and to truly feel fulfilled with the life we're living, there needs to be a mission we deeply care about. When we're passionate about ending suffering in developing countries or building a business that solves a universal problem, deeper meaning manifests. It is the responsibility we create for ourselves that gives us purpose.

Connection. There's one thing in common we see every day -- people. Everything revolves around people. Creating strong, deep bonds with certain people develops a certain type of feeling that can be found nowhere else. When we have special relationships and interactions, we understand what it's like to be in the moment and feel the human experience.

Whether we're feeling good or bad, the big three are the foundation pieces to keep us moving forward. When we feel mentally & physically amazing, are pursuing our passion with fire, and connecting with amazing people around us, that's when life falls into place. To fully experience what it means to live, that's the goal. 

"It's not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something." -Winston Churchill 


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