We all have areas in our lives that we want to improve. We want better relationships, we want an insane body with an unshakeable mind, and we want more money, so we can do the things we enjoy. These are all beautiful areas to work on, but it all starts with the standards we set for ourselves.

Mindset. Before we go 0-100, we have to build a bulletproof mindset. It’s the only way we’ll have the drive to achieve more. We need to set high standards for ourselves, whether it’s our career, the people we‘re around, or how we spend our time. When we gradually increase our standards, we expect more from ourselves. We slowly push ourselves to the next level, giving us the opportunity to set higher goals.

Self-discipline. With an unbreakable mindset and an expectation of high standards, we’re able to incorporate self-discipline into our daily lives. This means we don’t go for the donut when we’re offered one. This means we don’t spend money we want to save when we’re out at the mall. This means we walk away from people who hold us back. Self-discipline is the cornerstone of how we get from average to extraordinary.

Habits. With mindset, standards, and self-discipline, there’s a lot to consciously think about. The shortcut to building a sustainable life of a high performer is to create good habits that build over time. When we create good habits and set them into our lifestyle, we run them on autopilot after a while. Going to the gym five times a week becomes normal, going the extra mile in our work is just part of our day, and growing our mind with knowledge becomes an integrated part of our lives. Habits are the shortcut that we all need to implement.

Whether it’s hygiene, self-improvement, or cultivating the right people, our standards set the tone for our lives. This requires real work and real thinking, but why waste our lives with low quality efforts? Making the most of our time is the only way we should live.

“Every next level of your life will demand a different you.” -Leonardo DiCaprio


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