Sorry Not Sorry

There’s a right time and a wrong time to apologize. In today’s culture, we’re expected to bend over backwards when someone is offended or doesn’t like what we have to say. The proper way to craft a society of empathetic and free individuals is to stand up for what we believe in and not bend our will “just because”.

Standing your ground. It can be tough when we’re in the minority, but if we have the proper intent and we truly believe (based on history and facts) that our idea or strategy can help a situation, we should stand up for it. Maybe it’s building a restaurant that solves a need in an area or creating an event to help groups of people come together for support. Whatever it is, we have to stand up for the ideas and actions we believe in. These need to be thought out and done civilly, but it can be done.

Following a dream. We should never apologize to friends, family, or acquaintances for a dream or vision of the future. When we believe we can change our life and the lives of others and people put us down, we don’t listen to them. We carry on, work hard, and turn our dream into a reality. We know what we can create can benefits others greatly, from building iPhones to creating a niche service. Never let anyone tell you what you can’t do.

Prioritizing yourself. So many times we say yes to things we don’t want to or do things for others when it’s not in our best interest. It’s ok to say no and prioritize ourself and our needs first. When our needs our met, it makes it much more productive because now we can go out and help others. When we’re stretched to thin and not in alignment with what we really want to do, we build resentment and that never ends well for anyone.

 Not apologizing for who we are, what we go for, and the ideas we believe in is something that is fading. It’s our responsibility to bring it back. This is what makes society beautiful. When different perspectives come together and properly share their beliefs, rather than putting our head down because of fear.

“Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.” -Suzy Kassem

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