Slowing Down

Hustle. Grind. Work ethic. These are important. Today, these words are more common than ever, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take time out for ourselves. Slowing down and taking a break has its benefits. 

Clarity. It’s perfectly fine to work hard and grind it out for a larger mission — we should all strive to do that, but taking a step back once in a while can help us more than we think. When we put a pause to whatever we’re doing and look at our life and the world around us, we discover a sort of clarity. Maybe we realize a flaw in our habits, a solution to one of our problems, or the realization that we should pursue something else. Clarity is man’s greatest savior.

Perspective. As we take a break and create clarity for ourselves, we see perspective. Not only do we see where we are in our current life situation (the good and bad), but other people’s life situations. Perspective gives us the opportunity to be grateful for what we have and to analyze where we are. This can drastically change our minds in ways we can’t fathom. Is it this newfound perspective that may give us the extra juice to kill the next 10 years of work or the sudden drive to focus on a world problem.

Experience. As we step back from normal life, we get to experience. We give ourselves time to do things we’ve wanted to do. Maybe it’s going to Disney Land or backpacking across Europe. Whatever it is, the pause on our lift can allow us to experience new things we’ve wanted to do, even if it’s as simple as starting conversations with strangers.

It’s important to work hard, achieve our goals, and create some kind of impact on the world, but that doesn’t mean we should step back every now and then. This 2 steps forward — 1 step back cycle is healthy and necessary for us to have drive, vision, and perspective about our lives.

“Perfection is attained by slow degrees; it requires the hand of time.” -Voltaire


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