Self-Limiting Beliefs

What are self-limiting beliefs? How do we break through and reach our best self?

We often limit ourselves based on rights, abilities, permissions, and even other people. We have limits about what we can and cannot do. We unfairly judge ourselves with low expectations. "I'll never be that smart. I can never look like that. I'll never make that much money." We tell ourselves absurd beliefs because of experiences, what we've been taught, and how we were brought up. 

Acknowledge your beliefs. What do you believe? How have they affected your life? What emotions do they bring out? Understanding our current beliefs help us identify what is helping and hurting us towards our goals. 

Your beliefs are not the truth. We've been instilled ideas since we were born and have cemented them as fact. Beliefs are ideals, conceptions, perceptions. They can be changed for the better if we're willing to see through them. 

Gain new perspective. Gather insight from other sources (books, articles, podcasts, peers, mentors). Understand the different perspectives of a belief. Follow the beliefs that create the most growth. 

Take new action. Once we're able to adjust our beliefs, it's time to take action on our new perspective. The right action creates positive growth.

You CAN achieve that dream body with right gym and diet routine. You CAN build that business by waking up an hour earlier. You CAN be a more positive person by making others laugh and smile every day. 

The reality is our beliefs and the beliefs of others hold us back. There is so much possibility in the world. With our old beliefs shattered, we can conquer the world and achieve greatness. 

"It always seems impossible until it's done." -Nelson Mandela


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