How bad do you want it? This is a question we ask ourselves all the time, for something big or small. Every day, we make sacrifices. We have to decide what we want to give up for something else. So, how do we make the right sacrifices?

Time. This is by far our most valuable asset. This is something we cannot buy more of. No amount of money, fame, or resources can give us more time. To choose where our time goes means we have to be selective. What are we willing to give our time to? Will it be worth it? Whether it’s working on our business or spending time with loved ones, we have to decide what we honestly value. It's crucial we evaluate the opportunities that come our way and see if we truly care about them.

Relationships. Sometimes what we want requires a lot of work. By default, we'll see the people we care about less often, we won't be able to go out as much, and we won't be able to enjoy a social fostering with others except on occasion. Relationships are a huge part of life, so making a social sacrifice means what we're going after needs to be worth it. We only have 24 hours in a day, so deciding how to spend each minute can be challenging. 

Rewards. We understand that to achieve the goals we desire, sacrifices are necessary. Although we may miss out on some areas in life, the potential rewards are beyond worth it. By making sacrifices, we put ourselves in a position for freedom. Success lies at the end of the time and effort we put in. 

We all have dreams, goals, and desires. Sacrifice is the only way to reach these and it's up to us to decide if they're truly worth going after. We need to ask ourselves the hard questions to see if we're willing to let go of certain things we value. Although sacrifice is a pain at the beginning, there's light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes what’s on the other side is even better than we imagined. 

"There is no decision that we can make that doesn't come with some sort of balance of sacrifice." -Simon Sinek


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