There’s one thing the world revolves around that we all have to face on a daily basis: people. Everything we do, from business, events & gatherings, to new thoughts & ideas, involves people. Relationships rule the world and if every one of us becomes even 5% better at working with people, we can make the world a more collaborative place.

Communicate. Often, much conflict and misinterpretation comes from the lack of proper communication. Something simple, but we take it for granted. When we can precisely communicate with others, whether it’s something small or big, we make our message more clear to the other person. 

Respect. Even though we all have differing thoughts and opinions, there needs to be a minimal level of respect and boundaries we give to others. Without respect, there’s chaos and nothing becomes productive. When we understand and empathize with others, we can create more orderly world.

Reciprocate. Too many times we receive without giving back. In most cases, we should reciprocate with others because we want to maintain the relationship, if not just for good will. Reciprocation isn’t always easy and it can be hard to follow when others don’t reciprocate, but we can start the ball rolling by giving without expectation.

Relationships are by no means easy. They’re probably one of the hardest things we’ll constantly have to work on throughout life, but without relationships there is nothing. It’s up to us to change the culture on relationships and make the society a more thoughtful place to live in.

”Far too many people are looking for the right person, instead of trying to be the right person.” -Gloria Steinem

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