Overcoming Fear

Fear. The one word that holds us back. Fear is the one emotion ingrained into us that has one of the biggest holds in our lives. It can be very useful, but many times fear is an obstacle we need to climb over. 

Calculate. We need to ask ourselves, is this an irrational fear or a plausible fear? Being afraid to step out of our comfort zones is one of the greatest reasons to be alive. If we let irrational fears hold us back, we won’t experience the highs. We naturally have fears to keep us alive and away from danger, but if we’re afraid of needles or dentists, we need to overcome them for the better.

Confront. The best way to face our fears head on is to do them in a safe, low risk space. If we’re afraid of heights, going to the top floor of a skyscraper and standing on the balcony is a way to confront that fear. Confronting fears is not easy, but it can help open ourselves up for the future.

Embrace. As we’re confronting our fears, we can share the challenge with friends and family. Maybe you and a friend are afraid of going on extreme rollercoasters. This is the time to jump that hurdle together. Embrace every fear, every challenge, and every obstacle you go through. They’re all there for you to push through them.

Overcoming what we fear is a life-long process. We will always have fears. The fear of public speaking, the fear of rejection, and the fear of death. These are all fears that are normal to feel, but when we accept, understand, and confront, we give ourselves the opportunity to challenge ourselves and grow as a person.

“Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will.” -W. Clement Stone

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