The difference between being average and being extraordinary is obsession. Being laser focused on a goal takes us to new heights we've never seen. An obsessive desire to achieve, accomplish, and be the best outclasses doing something with mediocrity 100% of the time.

Commitment. To be obsessed, we have to be committed. A commitment to our goals is a commitment to ourselves. We're giving ourselves the opportunity to go all in and focus on what we're trying to achieve. When we go all in, our time and attention become extremely concentrated in one area, making success more likely. 

PerseveranceWhen we're obsessed, we don't give up. We keep pushing boundaries and keep getting back up after we've fallen. That's the definition of perseverance and it's something many success-driven people have. Being able to stay consistent and continue the journey no matter the obstacle makes all the difference.

Focus. Our concentration matters more than we think it does. Our obsession creates a desire to work on what matters. This is where focus comes in. By giving our full attention to something, we notice everything including the small details. Rather than sway from distraction to distraction, we ambitiously obsess over our dreams and take the necessary action to achieve them.

A pure obsession towards our goals is necessary to surpass mediocrity. With this obsession comes insane focus and determination. The challenges and distractions we face become trivial and our complete time and attention concentrates on where we want to go.

"Be obsessed or be average." -Grant Cardone


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