We’ve heard of minimalism before, but what does it mean? Does it mean we give up everything we own? Does it mean we live in a tiny house with four shirts? The truth is minimalism is whatever we decide it is for us. It’s all about decluttering our lives and embracing what really matters.

Get rid of waste. From tangible to intangible, we tend to add the unnecessary to our lives. We have old items that we haven’t touched in years, clothing we haven’t worn in months, and random apps on our phones we never use. Decluttering, organizing, and keeping what we actually use creates a more peaceful environment and gives us less things to worry about. 

Keep what you value. Although we want to get rid of what we don’t use, we should hold onto the things that we care about. It’s perfectly fine to hang onto a few sentimental items as long as we’re not hoarding for the sake of hoarding. Life is all about balance.  

Simplicity. When we clear our personal spaces, thoughts & ideas, and organize our world, we create simplicity. When we don’t need as many things, we save money. When we don’t have to worry about more than what’s necessary, we save time. When we have less choices to make, we make better and more thoughtful decisions.

Every one has their own take on minimalism and what it really means, but only we can decide that for ourselves. Minimalism comes in all shapes and sizes, but the idea of focusing on what we care about and organizing our life is what matters.

“You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.” -Vernon Howard


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