Mental Blocks

Have you ever faced self-doubt, indecision, or a fixed mindset? These mental blocks hold us back from progressing, but it's time we change that. 

Mental blocks come from being stuck in an unwanted thought pattern that we can't seem to fight. Self-doubt is something we all face and it makes us feel like we're unqualified no matter how qualified we actually are. We may have the talent or skill, but our mental block holds us back from going after what we want (ex: imposter syndrome). Once we realize the self-doubt is illogical, we create the freedom to break through. 

Indecision can hit us hard. Sometimes we're trying to pick the best place to eat and other times we're trying to make the right career move. Decisions can hold a lot of weight, but we often place too much value on them and paralyze ourselves. We feel stuck because we want to make the right decision. The truth is no single decision will affect our success or failure in one area. Pick a decision, see the results, and pivot if necessary. 

If you've ever believed your abilities have limits on them, you've experienced a fixed mindset. This is a dangerous belief to have because it holds us back on the macro-scale of life. If we believe we have caps on our potential, we don't pursue. Anyone can and should learn, grow, and keep pushing themselves. We have more potential than we think and the limits to what humans can achieve is almost infinite. 

Uncover the mental blocks you face. Remove them with hard work and a change in mindset. As you gradually reduce these blocks, you will transform into the person you want to become. 

"Don't let mental blocks control you. Set yourself free. Confront your fear and turn the mental blocks into building blocks." -Dr. Roopleen


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