The Importance of Failure

Day to day, week to week, year to year, we all face failure. From small mistakes that could have been avoided to major mess ups that create stressful chaos, we all face failure. We’ve been taught that failure is negative and evil, but that’s not necessarily the case. Failure allows us to learn and grow. This is how we become better individuals.

Growth. There’s a wrong way and a right way to fail. Ideally, we want to learn from our mistakes. In order to learn, we have to feel the pain from our errors and reflect on them. What did we do wrong? How can we fix things in the future? By reflecting, we give ourselves the chance to do better next time.

Perspective. Failing shows us another side of life. Through serendipity, we can discover new things from our failures. From new innovations and ideas, many things have been created from failures. How we see the world might change after a major screw up we never intended to make.

Experience. With failure comes something we can’t get anywhere else: life experience. We can learn from others: what to do and what not to do, but there are some things we can only learn from individual experience. With this we’re able to navigate the world smoother than before and teach what we’ve learned to those who are willing to improve.

By changing the way we view failure, we can completely change our perspective on life. Failure is wonderful and creates so many new opportunities for us. We not only learn more about ourselves, but the world and how to go about it in a better way.

”Failure isn’t fatal, but failure to change might be.” – John Wooden

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