How to Win even if you Fail

How can we win when we fail? How can we say we’ve succeeded when we don’t make tryouts? When we get rejected? When we feel like nothing is going our way and no one is on our side? 

Perspective. When we change our mentality from victim to victor, we see a different angle. We may be in a tough situation. Everything’s chaotic, nothing’s going our way, and many things seem hopeless. If we switch our perspective, we can see all of these obstacles as challenges to get us to the next level. Success isn’t easy. It never has been. It’s supposed to be hard, so the ones who are worthy can make it.

Growth. When we see this new perspective, we can use these challenges to our advantage. Rejection therapy is something many people have used to use rejection in their favor. It’s the idea of putting yourself in difficult social situations where a rejection is likely. After a while, the rejection becomes meaningless and now the person is able to take risks without fear. Using what we think as a negative and turning it into a positive is the easiest way to put ourselves in a winning position.

Spread. We need to take what we’ve learned, our experience, and our progress, and spread it to everyone and anyone. The world needs a perspective change. The world needs more people who work on themselves for the better. The world needs impact to further advance society.

Many of us feel like we have it bad, and maybe we do. There are many people worse off, so we should never be too down, but taking advantage of our situation is the best way to flip the script. We can live the life we want if we’re willing to look at things in a new way.

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying.” -Michael Jordan

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