How to be Still

From outside to inside, it can seem like there’s chaos everywhere. Cars honking, thoughts racing, phones ringing — we live in a state of constant alertness without time to be still and think for a moment. When we take a second of our day to quiet our lives, we find the most peace.

Breathe. Something we can do anywhere and everywhere is breathe. Long, conscious breaths can take us out of a noisey mess for just a moment. It’s so simple, yet so effective. Breathing clears the chamber. It helps us see clarity and actually think in that instant. A moment of relaxation and bliss.

Flow state. When we hone in and focus on a task at hand from working out to reading a book, we hit this zoned in state called flow state. This is when nothing else matters and we don’t see or hear anything except what’s going on in front of us. This is the epitome of living in the present and can make our work more peaceful and productive.

Deep thought. Something many of us don’t do nearly as much as we need to is deep level thinking. In a space quiet to ourselves, we ask questions, review and analyze thoughts, and ultimately see insights we never would elsewhere. This introspection is so powerful it can create ideas beyond imagination and help us reach an enlightened state.

We all need more quiet, focus, and thought provoking sessions. Distractions are endless and time is finite. We have opportunities everyday to improve — something we shouldn’t take for granted.

“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.” -Deepak Chopra


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