Growth Mindset

How important is our mindset? How does it affect our actions? Can we change our mindset or is it fixed?

What exactly is a mindset? Simply put, it's the established set of attitudes we have. There are two types of mindsets: The Fixed Mindset and The Growth Mindset. In a fixed mindset, people believe their qualities are fixed traits and cannot change. People who have a fixed mindset believe they were born with a fixed level of intelligence, so they don't pursue growth. In a growth mindset people believe their learning and intelligence can grow with time and experience. Our effort affects our success, so those who have growth mindsets work harder to achieve their goals.

Why is mindset important? Fixed beliefs hold us back from making positive changes in our life. If there are traits you believe you cannot change such as intelligence or habits, then you will avoid the pursuit. With a growth mindset, change is possible and the pursuit of positive change makes our lives limitless. 

How can we develop a growth mindset?

We need be aware our weaknesses and understand that we have the ability to improve.

We need to view challenges as opportunities. Putting ourselves outside of our comfort zones is the perfect way to stimulate growth.

Learn from others. We don't always need to experience a mistake to learn. We can learn from others -- what they're doing right or what they're doing wrong.

Never stop learning. Our learning will always evolve and it's important to look at learning as a life-long process.

With a growth mindset and constant learning, we're able to to develop skills and habits we never thought we'd have, leading to a much healthier and happier life. 

"You try something, it doesn't work, and maybe people even criticize you. In a fixed mindset, you say 'I tried this, it's over.' In a growth mindset, you look for what you've learned." -Carol S. Dweck


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