We’ve been setting goals for ourselves ever since we were kids. We imagined being the president, having a certain type of family, and traveling the world, but those goals were just dreams. To really turn a dream into a goal, we have to set practical steps for ourselves. With real action we can create real results. 

Measurable. To truly attain what we desire, we have to measure everything and anything that’s relevant to our goal. When we measure what matters, we’re able to see areas that need improvement and areas that are succeeding. We create real data to adjust to. Rather than throwing a ball into the ocean, we give ourselves real aim and try to hit the bullseye with a dart. 

Practicality. We have to work up to our goals. Our goals should be something that is difficult to accomplish, but not impossible. Almost anything in this world is possible, so deep thought and perspective will be necessary to assess the goal. Regardless of how big the goal is, perseverance will always be necessary. 

Deadlines. To definitively turn a dream into a goal, we have to create deadlines for ourselves. Without a time cut, we’ll work on our goals forever and never see the results. Time creates pressure. It creates a sense of urgency. We want to break down our goal into steps and hit certain steps one at a time. This will ensure we progress instead of daydreaming. 

Goals are critical for achievement. Whatever it is we want in life, practical and actionable steps are needed to get there. It will be difficult. Setting and hitting goals is definitely harder than thinking about it, but the reality tastes much sweeter than a dream.

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.” -Andrew Carnegie


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