Give without Expectation

In today's world, everything can seem transactional. We tend to always expect something in return when we give our time or attention away. In many ways, this type of thinking can lead us to disappointment and a feeling of dissatisfaction. To promote our own well-being, we must change our mentality from expectations to no expectations. 

Foster a relationship. When we give without expectation, whether it's our time, attention, or a gift, we allow the chance for a relationship to grow. It may not always happen, but building a relationship with a genuine foundation can be a great way to start its development. This may lead to incredible opportunities for us in the future.

Abundance mentality. This mindset can be applied to many things, but one way is to realize that we have everything we need. We don't need to expect anything from anyone because we're content and satisfied with what we have now. This allows us to give freely without creating any strings attached.

What goes around comes around. Although we don't want to have expectations, the world works in mysterious ways. Sometimes when we give, it will come back to us in the future. Through unseen opportunities, we may experience some benefit or recognition that will surpass any kind of expectation we could have. 

Giving without expectation isn't easy. It's natural for us to feel like we're owed something when we give. The truth is, no one owes us anything. This allows us to not feel disappointment and to realize we have an abundance mindset. We're able to give freely and maybe someday it'll come back to us in a much bigger way.

“If you expect noting from somebody, you are never disappointed.” -Sylvia Plath


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