Finding Your Passion

Finding our passion can be difficult, but it's important to have something in our life we truly care about. Our passion might be something we take on as a career or something we pursue on the side. Regardless, our passion adds value and meaning to our lives and creates a sense of fulfillment. 

Discovery. The first phase to discovering our passion if we don't already have one is to trying new things. We need to find out what we're interested in and not interested in. Once we figure out what we're interested in, we can see what we enjoy doing. This is the foundation to what will later develop into something meaningful.

Development. The second phase is to figure out which interest you really love and work on it. Once we have an interest we prefer over the others, we can work to develop the skills needed to get better. Enjoying the challenge and problems we have to solve from the interest is a good indicator that we really do love what we're doing. The development stage is where gradually turn the interest into a passion -- from something we care about to something that fulfills our life. 

Deepening. The last phase is a sense of realization that we love what we do. We love this interest we've developed and we're internalizing it. This passion we've developed adds so much value to our lives and we're able to spread that value with others. We've fostered something in life we truly care about and it gives us a sense of joy and even purpose. 

Whatever passions we develop should create a fun and enjoyable journey. They are passions because we take them seriously, but they also add an insane amount of meaning to our lives. From teaching students to racing cars, passions are endless and diverse. Everyone has different passions, but the feeling is the same. Fulfilled, excited, blissful. This is how we want to feel.  

"Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you." -Oprah Winfrey 


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