Embracing Self-Love

Sometimes we’re on own biggest critics. This can be useful, but it can also be very negative. It’s one of the reasons why many of us don’t break barriers and aim for the stars. We create a mental chain on ourselves that hold us back from our true potential.

Confront your flaws. We need to acknowledge the good and bad about ourselves. Our flaws, mistakes, and insecurities are all part of us. There should be judgement to work on all of these areas and improve, but if we stay in a negative loop for too long, we do more harm than good. Only a quarter of our thoughts should be negative and the rest should be positive.

Forgive and improve. The best thing we can do is forgive ourselves for mistakes and flaws we have. We’re human, and to live is to fail. This isn’t something to punish ourselves with, but something to observe, analyze, and work on. This way we resolve the underlying issue rather than mentally punish and cage ourselves. A great way to work on this process is to analyze our day at night and see what went wrong and how we could improve in the future.

Expand your perspective. We often have a grandiose perspective about only ourselves. This can be beneficial at times and push us to new heights, but it can also make life miserable if we focus too much on the “bad” that’s happening. When we realize there’s other lives that people have, how people have overcome adversity, and maybe how our problems aren’t as big as they seem, then we open the door to opportunity.

Working on ourselves is tough. It’s easier to sit and pout, but that doesn’t solve anything. When we go from victim mentality to victor mentality, we give ourselves the necessary tools to win.

“When you're different, sometimes you don't see the millions of people who accept you for what you are. All you notice is the person who doesn't.” -Jodi Picoult


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Embrace Self-Love