Everywhere we look, distractions exist. From advertisements to notifications, our world is filled with noise. As we dive into our goals, it's crucial to stay focused. Concentration and ignoring the noise allows us to accomplish the impossible. We can all start by limiting the distractions that fill our daily lives.

Declutter your mind. The first step is to clear our mind from overbearing thoughts. Throughout the day, we distract ourselves with past and future thoughts. Thinking critically is healthy, but overthinking any situation holds us back from focusing on what matters.

Create a schedule. To truly achieve our goals, we need to create deadlines and manage our time. Using a simple calendar and notes can help us hit our tasks and move forward. By keeping track of what we need to do and writing down our thoughts & ideas, we're able to prioritize what's important. 

Minimize notifications. Our world is full of rings, buzzes, and alerts. Most aren’t important and can wait. An easy solution is to turn off notifications and check them at a scheduled time. This reduces the need to constantly check our phones whenever we hear it go off. When we shut off the world, progress happens. 

Distractions are something we'll never get rid off, but we can always reduce them. In today's wold, this is more important than ever. With social media, texts, and emails, there's so much that takes our attention away. If we all minimize the chaos, we can spend time focusing on what we really care about.

"Work is hard. Distractions are plentiful. And time is short." -Adam Hochschild


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