Crabs in a Bucket

The crabs in a bucket is a mentality we're all familiar with. It's when other people try to hold us back as we improve our lives. Others may see our growth as a threat or an insecurity they see in themselves, and their reaction is to keep us down. We'll face these crabs as we progress on our journey, and knowing how to work around it will ensure we stay on the path to success. 

Why does this happen? The crabs in a bucket mentality develops in others when they see a friend or family member improving who they are relative to themselves. The mentality usually stems from insecurity because the person might feel like they're failing while you're succeeding. In most cases, this behavior is subconscious. Instead of getting pulled down, we'll have to make a conscious effort to fight it and continue progressing towards growth. 

Keep doing what you're doing. The best way to counter this mentality from others is to keep doing what you're doing. Keep working hard, learning, and surrounding yourself with the right people. We shouldn't have people around us who don’t support what we do. We don't want anyone holding us back from our true potential. When we ignore the noise, our inner guide takes over and life becomes much more peaceful. 

Be a role model. In many cases, we may not be able to stop the crabs from trying to pull us down. What we can do is be a role model. When we strive to be our best self, we can inspire others around us. We might inspire others who face challenges just like us or maybe even change the hearts of the people who tried to hold us back. When we prove to others that growth and success is possible, it allows the minds of others to open in a new perspective. 

Some of the closest people in our lives can turn into crabs. Although they hold a special place in our heart, it’s important to keep progressing. When we feel empowered by the right people, we can go out and empower others. This is a beautiful cycle that will create the next generation of free thinkers. 

"When someone tells you it can't be done, it's more a reflection of their limitations, not yours." -Friedrich Nietzsche


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